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The Best Chrome Extension Ever!

by Joinesty, on Mar 10, 2017 2:58:27 PM


Our new Chrome Extension just made your life 100% more fun. Think about how many hours you spend on the web every day. The average person spends around 10 hours a day online according to CNN. So, that means we spend more than half a day staring at the screen. Now think about what browser you use every day. 

Google Chrome is the most-used web browser worldwide according to StatCounter 2017. And your shopping habits? Well, 79% of Americans now shop online and the number's growing every day.  That's a lot of shopping.

So what if you had a Chrome extension (essentially an app for your browser), that simplifies your life by doing all the work for you?  Ta-da, our Joinesty Chrome Extension does just that and really packs a punch for the online shopper. Once you install, just browse websites like you normally do, and you instantly save.  It's that simple.  

The best part is that the extension is on auto-pilot – it scours the web 24/7 aggregating deals so you don't have to.  So now you can watch Games of Thrones, order Grubhub and shop for the latest trends without getting off the couch.

Some helpful tips:

  • Currently, it's a Chrome exclusive.
  • Once you install, you can click our logo Joinesty Logo in the upper right-hand corner of your browser window anytime to access your butler.
  • Start browsing and you will see a pop-out of all the deals available for whatever website you're on.

Oh, and did we mention that Joinesty can also help manage your passwords? Yeah, that's right, the Joinesty Chrome Extension does so much more than find the best deals online. Because what good is an extension if  it only does one thing? Simply add your user and password to any site and the next time you go there, it's waiting for you, right alongside the deals! No more account fatigue, no more "forgot password" sighs. We know the web can be a chaotic and messy place filled with toolbars, notifications, and updates so we just made a product to make your life clutter-free and super amazing. We hope you like it too.